book production

Aster Astronic 150
  Year: 1991
  Size: 32.00 x42.00 cm (12.6 x 16.5")
  Description: Aster Astronic 150 Model: Aster Year: 1991 Fully automatic Maximum speed: 15...
  Status: In production
Schmedt PraLeg HHS 1805
  Year: 2005
  Description: Schmedt PraLeg HHS 1805 year: 2005 Case in machine Schmedt PräLeg HHS 1805 Th...
Клеемазальная машина Schmedt
  Year: 2004
  Size: 55.00 x70.00 cm (21.7 x 27.6")
  Description: The universal glue machine of the Schmedt brand is designed for continuous appli...
Ниткошвейная машина полуавтоматическая БНШ-6
  Year: 2001
  Size: 22.00 x30.00 cm (8.7 x 11.8")
  Description: Semi-automatic sewing machine БНШ-6 max. format 225x300 mm Book-sewing machine...
  Status: In stock
  available: Immediately